A word from Commodore Leslie Iacopi

Golden Gate Yacht Club has a long history.  Just as San Francisco’s Barbary Coast underwent a century-long evolution due to the City’s rapid cultural development, so has GGYC undergone transformation throughout its history.

GGYC started as a barge in 1939 as a gathering place for sailors coming in after a long day of fishing outside the Gate.  They were met with a bowl of hot soup and great drinks.  When there was no fishing, sailors gathered for fun sailboat races to pass the time.  Up until the late 80s, the barge remained a great gathering place for recreational sailing and GGYC became known as the “Friendliest Club on the Bay”.  When the Club was destroyed in the ’89 Loma Prieta quake, members banded together to rebuild their beloved Club.

With the wins of the America’s Cup in 2010 and 2013, the Club underwent extensive renovations but this did not change the tenor of the Club or its members.  GGYC is still recognized as the “Friendliest Club on the Bay”.  A new Club member told me his reasons for joining was because of the “family feeling” conveyed by its members.  He was impressed with the friendliness of the members and how quickly they accepted him.  He said that, like the “Cheer’s Bar,” GGYC is a place where everyone knows your name.  Both boaters and non-boaters are accepted equally and there is a closeness that is not matched by other Clubs.

GGYC has a very active sailing program, with members participating in “Sunday” sails on our fleet of Flying Juniors (FJs) and C420s.  Members’ children are able to learn to sail on the Club’s OPTIs.  The sailing lessons are free on these boats, and more experienced members are able to participate in fun races on these days in the early afternoon.

One of the best things about the end of the week is the GGYC Sunday Brunch.  Members and friends are able to enjoy a Bloody Mary and the best Sunday Brunch on the Bay while enjoying a view that is unrivaled!  I am very honored to be part of the growing history of GGYC, and look forward to the growth of our sailing programs, our waterfront programs, and the Club.

Leslie Anne Iacopi
Commodore, GGYC