Commodore's Report

Dear Members,

Our Club was founded in 1939 as the Puerto de Oro Yacht Club (Port of the Golden Harbor).  Our original founding fathers started the club as a foundation to promote both water sports and affordable boating to our local community.  This has remained a strong mainstay as one of the focal points of our club.  Add to that the reputation of the “Friendliest Club on the Bay” and we have a winning ticket to be proud of.  Membership is the framework of this club.  Without it - we would not prosper.
One of our proudest achievements is being able to say that we were the sixth trustee and holder of the America’s Cup in its 166 year history.  The Golden Gate Yacht Club has represented Oracle Team USA in the past five America’s Cup Challenges – three as a challenger and two as a defender.  We are proud and honoured to have had the opportunity to partner with them.
Being at the helm of the Golden Gate Yacht Club is both a privilege and a great responsibility.  It seems appropriate to share some reflections not only as your Commodore – but also my past 21 years of being on the Board of Directors. I have enjoyed these years enormously and the reason that these have been enjoyable are the same things that make the “GGYC” such a successful club and a happy environment.
·         The members recognize and appreciate the work of the various committees, volunteers and staff, and while they are very supportive, they are always happy to share their views.
·         We benefit greatly from the capability and commitment of our staff. Bob Mulhern has assembled a professional staff and competent group who all share a passion for the club and are happy looking after members.
·         The Club has a well-defined sense of purpose and strategic direction that is shared with and supported by the Members.
·         A good measure of performance for the Club is the level of participation of members in the various activities and events that are held at the Club. More than 95 percent of events have been sold out and participation on Club committees has risen significantly.  
·         The Club continues to invest in raising the “Bar” of our Member boating experience with our sailing programs.  Both member lessons and rentals are a great way to improve your boating skills and to enjoy the thrill of sailing.
·         Finally, the most rewarding feature of the role at GGYC is the caliber of the people and diversity of skills on our Committees – it has been a pleasure working alongside these groups – my thanks to all.